Erandy Vergara Vargas curates, teaches, and writes on contemporary and media art. Born in Mexico City, based in Montreal. More info

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  • Exhibition: Katherine Melançon | Night Blossoms

    Patel Brown Gallery [Toronto] Exhibition: May 14 – June 18 2022 “In Night Blossoms, Montreal-based artist Katherine Melançon invites us to see nature as living and blooming everywhere, close to us, and never separated from culture or technology. The body of work presented here started more than ten years ago, when the artist lived in…

  • Treinta mil cuadernos abiertos

    Treinta mil cuadernos abiertos

    Treinta mil cuadernos constituyen la obra titula da “30 (Treinta)” de la artista argentina Andrea Fasani. A través de una serie de instalaciones, acciones colectivas y performances, la artista recuerda la dictadura militar Argentina y crea un archivo que aspira alcanzar el mismo número de desaparecidos: 30,000.

  • Remixing the Plague of Images: Video Art from Latin America in a Transnational Context

    This chapter focuses on four case studies which use remix to revise the smooth flowing or the unsteady flickering of the plague of images circulating online and offline on a daily basis: Ximena Cuevas’ Cinepolis (2003); Graciela Fuentes’ To Protect (2003); José Alejandro Restrepo’s Viacrucis (2004); José Toirac’s Opus (2005).

  • One Minute Meditation on My Privilege/Power Here and Now

    This exercise is based on the general idea that we can elicit solutions to personal and social conflicts when we engage in debates, recognize heterogeneous and non consensus­ based opinions, and are accountable for own own positionality.