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  • Exhibition: Through Secrets: The Art of Creating Spaces Between the Lines

    Exhibition: Through Secrets: The Art of Creating Spaces Between the Lines

    Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges (Montreal)
    December 15 2022 – March 5 2023
    Curator: Erandy Vergara-Vargas

    This exhibition revolves around the intricate, unresolved, and contradictory nature of human identities, and the secrets we can still keep from search engines and social media. Artists Adam Basanta, Sophia Brueckner, Dayna Danger, August Klintberg, and Cheryl Sim explore desire, love, queer relationships and spaces, and critical approaches to algorithms and artificial intelligence. Commissioned for this exhibition, the works presented encourage us to consider the uncertainty, precarity and lack of precision in our interpersonal search histories and emotions. They invite us to dive into our secrets, even those we keep from ourselves.

  • Exhibition: Eco(Systems) of Hope

    Exhibition: Eco(Systems) of Hope

    MTL Connect Exhibition @Anteism Books [Montreal]
    October 18-30, 2022
    Curator: Erandy Vergara-Vargas

    MTL Connect’s 2022 Art Programme engages the present ecological moment and creative imaginaries for the future. From October 18th to the 30th, 2022, local and international artists and researchers explore hope, a powerful stimulus for rethinking relationality, community-building and multi-species survival on Earth.

  • Exhibition: Pavitra Wickramasinghe – La mer / In a blue while

    Exhibition: Pavitra Wickramasinghe – La mer / In a blue while

    DRAC (Drummonville)
    Exhibition: July 9 – August 28 2022
    Curator: Erandy Vergara-Vargas

    Do you remember the first time you saw the ocean? Or do you remember what it is like to return to a coast and observe the sea expanding before your eyes? What does your memory sound like? Does it have a smell? Do you remember how it feels to be submerged in salty water, the sensations on your skin, the sand under your feet, the water temperature, the taste in your mouth? Sea memories reach all our senses. In La mer/In a Blue While, Pavitra Wickramasinghe appeals to our souvenirs through a series of paper and drawing installations that are as powerful and sublime as the ocean.

  • Some Universe: Internet Spaces in a Postdigital World

    Some Universe: Internet Spaces in a Postdigital World

    Eastern Bloc, Sight + Sound Festival [Online] June – August 2021 “Imagine you are falling. But there is no ground,” wrote Hito Steyerl in The Wretched of the Screen (2012). I often dream about that. I’ve also daydreamed that I would love to experience an artwork defying Cartesian space, linear perspective and figurativism – where I experience a free fall and the support system I take for granted is simply absent. ARTISTS: AAA [AU; AR; РФ/; DE; US; FR], Banz & Bowinkel [DE], Ronnie Clarke [CA], Mara Eagle [US/CA], Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe [CA], Jiwon Ham [KR/US], Jakyung Lee [KR/US], Olia Lialina [РФ/DE], Philippe Pasquier and Miles Thorogood [CA], Alisha Piercy and Frances Adair Mckenzie [CA], Amery Sandford [CA], Fallon Simard [CA], Timothy Thomasson [CA]

  • Critical Proximity: Something about Human Connections that Can Happen When There Is a Fissure

    Critical Proximity: Something about Human Connections that Can Happen When There Is a Fissure

    Online exhibition produced by OBORO [Montreal] March 15 – May 14 2021 I don’t share personal things online; here is something I am sharing. This exhibition is the result of an invitation to curate an online show for OBORO. Throughout the pandemic, many artist friends have shared their creative works and personal social media posts, impacting my own processing of events. Difficult emotions resonated because of the pandemic and everything around it… ARTISTS: Michèle Pearson Clarke [CA], Lindsay Dawn Dobbin [CA], Sally McKay and Lorna Mills [CA], Greg Lasky [US], Benny Nemer [CA/FR]

  • What Has Been Seen – Eva & Franco Mattes

    What Has Been Seen – Eva & Franco Mattes

    Fondation Phi pour l’art contemporain [Montreal] November 2019 – March 2020 With humour and irreverence, Eva & Franco Mattes dissect, test, and redefine the boundaries of art and the Internet. Since the mid-1990s, the artistic duo has probed and engaged with the way contemporary societies have shaped the networked world and, perhaps more importantly, how it has shaped us (people and social relations).

  • ISEA2020 Online: Why Sentience?

    ISEA2020 Online: Why Sentience?

    ISEA2020 Online and Onsite Programme October 13 – 18 2020 ISEA’s 2020 artistic program explores the infinitely large and the infinitely small worlds of Sentience — feeling-sensing-making sense. There were to be seven exhibitions across various venues for the ISEA2020 artistic program, until the city’s shutdown in March 2020, here as elsewhere, of all non-essential businesses to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Nevertheless, two core themes had already been identified running through the exhibitions. The first was a careful attention to scale and scalar complexity in the age of the Anthropocene. The second theme explored the human sensorium — touch, taste, smell, as well as sight and hearing. ARTISTS: Featuring more than one hundred international and Canadian artists, including: Klaus Spiess & Lucie Streckera [DE], Stephanie Rothenberg [US], Afroditi Psara [GR/US]] and Audrey Briot [FR], Marco Barotti [IT/DE], Elizabeth Demaray [US], Sölen Kiratli [TR/US] and Akshay Cadambi [IN/US], Louise Mackenzie [UK], Allison Moore [CA], Lisa Moren and Tsvetan Bachvaroff [US], Scott Benesiinaabandan [CA], Malizin Cortes and Ivan Abreu [MX], Alice Jarry [CA], Sophia Brueckner [US], David Garneau [CA], Suzanne Kite [US] and Rea Noir [AU], Quentin VerCetty [CA], Ian Clothier [NZ], Teresa Connors [CA], Matthew Mosher [US], Pavitra Wickramasinghe [LK/CA], Mo H Zareei [IR/NZ]

  • Speculative Cultures

    Speculative Cultures

    Anna-Maria & Stephen Kellen Gallery, Parsons School of Design [New York] February 7 – April 14 2019 Curators: Tina Sauerländer, Peggy Schoenegge and Erandy Vergara-Vargas Cultures have never existed in a set state. They are all in constant flux brought about by social, economic, and technological developments. The global flow of people forges change, adaptation of norms and the creation of new forms for human societies, religions, rituals, or spoken languages. ARTISTS: Matias Brunacci [AR/DE], Yu Hong [CN], Francois Knoetze [ZA], Erin Ko [US] and Jamie Martinez [CO/US]