Some Universe: Internet Spaces in a Postdigital World

“Imagine you are falling. But there is no ground,” wrote Hito Steyerl in The Wretched of the Screen (2012). I often dream about that. I’ve also daydreamed that I would love to experience an artwork defying Cartesian space, linear perspective and figurativism – where I experience a free fall and the support system I take for granted is simply absent.

Critical Proximity: Something about Human Connections that Can Happen When There Is a Fissure

I don’t share personal things online; here is something I am sharing. This exhibition is the result of an invitation to curate an online show for OBORO. Throughout the pandemic, many artist friends have shared their creative works and personal social media posts, impacting my own processing of events. Difficult emotions resonated because of the pandemic and everything around it…

Eva & Franco Mattes, BEFNOED, 2014-ongoing / Phi Foundation


With humour and irreverence, Eva & Franco Mattes dissect, test, and redefine the boundaries of art and the Internet. Since the mid-1990s, the artistic duo has probed and engaged with the way contemporary societies have shaped the networked world and, perhaps more importantly, how it has shaped us (people and social relations).

ISEA2020 Online: Why Sentience?

ISEA’s 2020 artistic program explores the infinitely large and the infinitely small worlds of Sentience — feeling-sensing-making sense.

Speculative Cultures

Curators: Tina Sauerländer, Peggy Schoenegge and Erandy Vergara-Vargas
Cultures have never existed in a set state. They are all in constant flux brought about by social, economic, and technological developments. The global flow of people forges change, adaptation of norms and the creation of new forms for human societies, religions, rituals, or spoken languages.