Pavitra Wickramasinghe La mer / In a blue while 2022

Exhibition: Pavitra Wickramasinghe – La mer / In a blue while

DRAC (Drummonville)
Exhibition: July 9 – August 28 2022
Opening: July 9 2022 – 1pm

Do you remember the first time you saw the ocean? Or do you remember what it is like to return to a coast and observe the sea expanding before your eyes? What does your memory sound like? Does it have a smell? Do you remember how it feels to be submerged in salty water, the sensations on your skin, the sand under your feet, the water temperature, the taste in your mouth? Sea memories reach all our senses. In La mer/In a Blue While, Pavitra Wickramasinghe appeals to our souvenirs through a series of paper and drawing installations that are as powerful and sublime as the ocean.

Curator: Erandy Vergara

Book Launch + Round table: In The Age Of Machine Learning + Sensing Machines: How Sensors Shape Our Everyday Life

Book Launch + Round Table + Exhibition
May 24 2022
Anteism Books [Montreal]

Authors Christopher Salter and Sofian Audry got together to discuss their recent publications, respectively, “Art in the Age of Machine Learning” (MIT Press, 2021) and “Sensing machines: How sensors shape our everyday life” (MIT Press, 2022).

Round table with authors Christopher Salter, Sofian Audry, and Erandy Vergara, Bart Simon, Jhave.
Artists: Refik Anadol, Sofia Crespo, Erin Gee, Jhave, Anna Ridler, Mike Tyka

Exhibition: Katherine Melançon | Night Blossoms

Patel Brown Gallery [Toronto]
Exhibition: May 14 – June 18 2022

“In Night Blossoms, Montreal-based artist Katherine Melançon invites us to see nature as living and blooming everywhere, close to us, and never separated from culture or technology. The body of work presented here started more than ten years ago, when the artist lived in London, UK, and walked throughout the city scanning flowers and plants growing in private gardens. She would walk at night with a portable scanner and stop at Burghley Road, for instance, to capture a series of vermilion small flowers (Nightlife 1, Burghley Road London NW5, 2012-2022).”

Text by: Erandy Vergara

Some Metaverse: Artist Talk and Q&A with Olia Lialina / SIGHT + SOUND 2021

Eastern Bloc, Sight + Sound Festival [Online]
Artist talk and Q&A with Olia Lialina and Erandy Vergara
August 25 2021
Exhibition: June – August 2021

For decades, net art forerunners had explored the internet, a space like no other, where gravity is irrelevant, and references such as vertical/horizontal, bidimentional and three-dimensional are outdated. Olia Lialina, a Moscow-born and Germany-based net artist, digital explorer, archivist and GIF model is among them. Her early work had a great impact on recognizing the Internet as a medium for artistic expression and storytelling…

Some Universe: Internet Spaces in a Postdigital World

Eastern Bloc, Sight + Sound Festival [Online]
June – August 2021

“Imagine you are falling. But there is no ground,” wrote Hito Steyerl in The Wretched of the Screen (2012). I often dream about that. I’ve also daydreamed that I would love to experience an artwork defying Cartesian space, linear perspective and figurativism – where I experience a free fall and the support system I take for granted is simply absent.

ARTISTS: AAA [AU; AR; РФ/; DE; US; FR], Banz & Bowinkel [DE], Ronnie Clarke [CA], Mara Eagle [US/CA], Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe [CA], Jiwon Ham [KR/US], Jakyung Lee [KR/US], Olia Lialina [РФ/DE], Philippe Pasquier and Miles Thorogood [CA], Alisha Piercy and Frances Adair Mckenzie [CA], Amery Sandford [CA], Fallon Simard [CA], Timothy Thomasson [CA]

Womxn in Immersive Tech | Meetup #3, with Tamiko Thiel, Tosca Terán & Erandy Vergara

Goethe Institut Montréal [Virtual Reality meetup]
November 20 2020

A Virtual Reality meetup series for women and gender-marginalised people in the field of immersive technology. This meetup focused on topics related to the Goethe-Institut Montreal’s project New Nature, an international exchange between contemporary artists, filmmakers, immersive and VR creators, technologists, and climate scientists from Canada, Germany, Mexico and the US…