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Womxn in Immersive Tech | Meetup #3, with Tamiko Thiel, Tosca Terán & Erandy Vergara

Goethe Institut Montréal, November 20, 2020

Meetup #3: Art & XR

Meetup #3

After two successful events in June and October, this third meeting was all about art and immersive technologies.

The focus was on on topics related to our ongoing project New Nature, an international exchange between contemporary artists, filmmakers, immersive and VR creators, technologists, and climate scientists from Canada, Germany, Mexico and the US. The invited speakers were participating experts from New Nature. In their work they use complex biological, interspecies and computer-based systems to question our relationship to the natural world.

Sara Lisa Vogl (DE), co-founder of Women in Immersive Tech Europe
Erandy Vergara (CA), curator and researcher
Tamiko Thiel (DE), artist
Tosca Terán (CA), artist